Peacock's Restaurant

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Monte da Quinta Resort

Avenida André Jordan, n.39

Apartado 2279

8135-024 Almancil

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Peacock's Restaurant


Our restaurant takes the concept of taste one step further and creates a sensation of color to support and enhance the experience of taste. Beyond that, the idea is to transform taste into a new sensatory experience.


Most of us make a connection between the taste “sour” and the color “yellow”. Or the taste “hot & spicy” with the color red. We do this by experience. We have inherently learned that yellow lemons are sour and red chili peppers are hot and spicy.


But our goal is to create unexpected, mind blowing flavors in such a way that your mind makes new connections with new colors. And so, your intellect is confronted by the stunning possibility that simple (red) tomatoes can have different, unexpected “taste colors”.


We present a palette of mouthwatering flavors in a single meal as an invitation for you to “see” the colors of taste.

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